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I’m Yuval , 34 year old, And I dedicate my life to rescue Pit Bulls and other bully breeds.

In January 2014, the rescue and rehabilitation facility we had painstakingly built was broken into, ransacked, fences cut with a disk saw, enclosures destroyed and worse of all dogs where stolen, dogs were killed. I could not keep the dogs in a place so unsafe, so there could be no option of coming back this place anymore. I dispersed the dogs all over to different kennels and dog pensions, to keep them safe. I worked tirelessly, with and without the police, getting the stolen dogs back and looking for a suitable place to continue saving these amazing dogs.

I have now found a wonderful location for the continuation of my activities; the new “farm” is located in the center of Israel. This is where I need help – I need to raise funds for regular ongoing activities to save and rehabilitate pit bulls and other BSL dogs.

This unique project is a single of its kind in the country. I am the only person in the country who is licensed to shelter and rehab pit bulls and the other BSL dogs. My main task is to rescue dogs from abuse, dog fights, and neglectful homes. However, often I get these dogs from city or municipal pounds urban as a last resort before they are euthanized. I have dedicated more than 14 years of my life to this and I know how to communicate with these dogs, bring out the positive in them, despite what they might have been through and after that people bring them up to be killing machines . More often than not, I will save the dogs by myself, endangering myself while hiding in dark places and dealing with shady people. After saving a dog, I will lead the dogs through a rehabilitative procedure tailor made to the dog’s specific needs, with the help of my private rehabilitation band of 10 dogs,( who live with me all the time). If it is not possible to bring the dog to a stage where the dog is suitable to find a home, despite all my efforts to rehabilitate the dog, I will keep the dog with me, allowing him to grow old with dignity in my dog center.

All my activities are financed by donations; any money I receive goes towards to ongoing activities at for the rehabilitation center. Dog food, vet care, maintaining the facilities and saving more dogs.

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